The Educational Feminist Journal, ISSN 1805-4935 (Print), 1805-4943 (Online)
This publication contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Vol. 3. "Public" Is The Politicized "Private" (2013)


The third volume of “WOMEN IN POLITICS: NEW APPROACHES TO THE POLITICAL” journal explores the gendered effects of the Public/Private divide and investigates what can be revealed if the notion of “Public” approached as the politicized “Private”. The categories of “Public” and “Private” are crucial in interpretations of politics, law, women’s participation in public life, social stratification, and gender equality. The volume addresses how the category of “Private” emerges and submits to the category of “Public”. Personal and private choices appear to be regulated by the public discourse, governmental politics, “common sense” social expectations, and more. The intersectionality of public/private – be it represented as a dichotomy or not – lies at the core of power division and related societal inequalities.

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Editor’s Foreword. Public is the Politicised Private | Read or Download

Gendered Politics: Is “Public” the Politicised “Private”?
  • Almira Ousmanova. The Lost “Private”: Soviet and Post-Soviet Technologies of Deprivation | Read or Download
  • Olga Zoubkovskaya. The Concept of “Private” and Sexual Harassment: Why Sexual Harassment Does Not Exist in Europe? | Read or Download
  • Vilana Pilinkaite Sotirovic, Margarita Jankauskaite. The Politics of Gender Equality in Lithuania: Problems of Initialization | Read or Download
  • “Through Their Eyes”. A Photography Project | Read or Download


Gender Identities in Public Discourse
  • Nikolai Gorbachov. On Children and “Homosexual Propaganda” in Russia | Read or Download
  • Yana Sitnikova. Transfeminism and Radical Feminism: When “Private” Questions “Public” | Read or Download
  • mikaela. “A Girl Must Obey”. A Stencil Graffiti Art-Project (2013) | Read or Download


  • Palina Kachatkova. Is She a Female Writer or Is She Just Insane? | Read or Download


  • Evgenia Ivanova. “Isolation: Dreams in Jail”: The 2012 Wall Calendar from the “Nash Dom” Civic Campaign | Read or Download


Outstanding Women
  • Snejana Rogach. Christine de Pizan: The First Female Writer to Advocate for Women’s Rights | Read or Download