The Educational Feminist Journal, ISSN 1805-4935 (Print), 1805-4943 (Online)
This publication contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Vol. 2. Personal as Political (2013)


The second volume of “WOMEN IN POLITICS: NEW APPROACHES TO THE POLITICAL” journal revisits the theme of “Personal as Political.” It is important to revisit this topic in the context of the current political and social transformations in Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states. Therefore the volume opens with a translation of the famous essay by Carol Hanisch “The Personal Is Political” which was originally published in 1969 and is still relevant in many ways. When we called for submissions we aimed to define and investigate the issues that charge private matters with political meanings. We intended to find out what private “problems”, intentionally or not, get public and political attention. Interestingly, the received submissions clearly divided into three subjects: emancipation and women’s political participation, reproductive freedom, and the politics of sexuality.

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Editors’ Foreword: Is Personal Still Political?: Notes from the 21st Century Eastern Europe | Read or Download


Carol Hanisch. The Personal Is Political (February, 1969) | Read or Download


Emancipation and Women’s Political Participation
  • Klaus Richter. Liberation Without an Oppressor? On the Notion of “Emancipation” in Lithuania and Belarus in the Late 19th Century | Read or Download
  • Uladzilslaŭ Ivanoŭ. Women Priests of the Pre-Reform Orthodox Communities (Staravery) in Vitebsk Region of Belarus | Read or Download
  • mikaela. “Narodovolki”, the Art-Project | Read or Download
  • Jennifer L. Wilson. From Nigilistki to Pussy Riot: Locating «the Personal» in the History of Women’s Activism in Russia | Read or Download
  • Tanya Setsko. On Poltical Actionism and Art Activism in Russia | Read or Download


  • Kristina Shatikova. Interview | Read or Download
  • Marina Naprushkina. “Personal/Political”, the Comic | Read or Download


Reproductive Freedom as the Political Choice
  • Elena Gapova. What Is the Anti-Abortion Law Really About? | Read or Download
  • Alexander Pershái. The Representation of Pregnancy and Reproductive Choice in Idioms | Read or Download
  • Olga Petroukovich. Сhildfree as a Personal Choice | Read or Download
  • Anna Shadrina. Where Did We Lose the Mother’s Instinct?, or Why Single Women Have Doubts About Having Children | Read or Download


  • Catherine Owen. Books over Babies: An Academic’s Eulogy for her Family that Will Never Be | Read or Download


The Politics of Sexuality
  • Marcos D. Moldes. On Queers, Gays and Body Politics | Read or Download


  • Don Collymore. Peeling Back the Onion: Exploring a Personal Journey through the Issues of Racism, Queerness and Acceptance | Read or Download


Outstanding Women
  • Marina Sagorje. The Comedy of Sex in Mary McCarthy’s Literary Works | Read or Download