The Educational Feminist Journal, ISSN 1805-4935 (Print), 1805-4943 (Online)
This publication contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Vol. 4. Private Is The (In)Visible Public (2014)


The fourth volume of “WOMEN IN POLITICS: NEW APPROACHES TO THE POLITICAL” reflects on the private as the (in)visible public. The authors investigate how public discourse and its governmental and sociocultural representations control private lives. The volume addresses marginalisation of the gendered private that does not fit the heteronormative matrix. The contributors analyse the patterns of hidden oppression of the private by the public discourses that shape our perceptions of identity, sexual orientation, profession, fashion, and governmental initiatives.

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Editors’ Foreword. Is Private the (in)Visible Public | Read or Download

“Gendered” Private: Does Public Control Anything?
  • Vilana Pilinkaite Sotirovic, Margarita Jankauskaite. Dead-ends of Gender Politics in Lithuania | Read or Download
  • Veronika Cherkasova (1959-2004). The Belarusian Fashion in the 1970s: An Attempt to Stand Out at the Cost of Health and Freedom | Read or Download
  • Anna Zhyn and Alexey Naumchik. Photoproject “You Are Not Alone, Sista!” | Read or Download


  • Elena Gutina. What Does It Mean to Be a Woman Composer? Interview with Woman-Composer Galina Gorelova | Read or Download


“Invisible” Identities: The Marginalization of Private in Public Discourse
  • Alina Kroushinskaya. Towards Femininity or Away from It: Herstories of Nonconformist Female Heterosexuality | Read or Download
  • Elena Nizeenko. Private/Public in Transgender Autobiographies in Russia | Read or Download


  • Andrzej Tichomirow. Sexuality as Identity, Nation’s Borders and Publicity: Notes on Anthology “120 Pages of Sodom” | Read or Download


Outstanding Women
  • Aleg Gardzienka. Vera Mateychuk (1896 – 1981) | Read or Download